Final Examination Policy

Final Examination Policy:

Finals are to be given on the date and at the time scheduled. If a student needs to take an exam at an unscheduled date/time, the student must fill out a "Request to Reschedule Final Examination" form. This form will need to be approved first by the respective instructor and then by the student's dean. A $40.00 fee will be charged for taking a final at an unscheduled time. This fee must be paid to the cashier before taking the final; the receipt should be presented to the instructor when taking the final.

If the published final examination schedule would you give you three final examinations in one day, you have the option to reschedule one of these three examinations. If you plan to reschedule one of the exams, please use the process described in the paragraph above. In this case, however, the $40 fee will be waived.

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