Classroom Locations and Building Abbreviations

The schedule printout you receive at registration will contain the location, building, and room number for your classes. Classes that meet on campus will have a location code of MAIN. Online classes will have a location code of ONL.

UMHB Building Codes

 ALN  Allen House
 BVAC  Baugh Center for the Visual Arts
 CLC   Community Life Center 
 DAV   CJ (Red) Davidson Complex 
 DR  Drawing Room 
 HDY  Hardy Hall
 HRD   Heard Hall
 LIB  Townsend Memorial Library
 MSC  Mabee Student Center
 MCC  Mayborn Campus Center
 MEY  Meyer Christian Studies Center 
 NEC  Isabelle Rutherford Meyer Nursing Education Center
 PAC  Parker Academic Center
 PRS  Presser Fine Arts Building (PAR is Presser Parlor) 
TPAC The Performing Arts Center
 WNS  Wells Nursing and Science Hall
 WWW   W. W. Walton Chapel
 YHS  York House (International Student Services)
 YSC  York Science Center


If any of the columns with the meeting day(s), meeting time, or meeting place lists TBA or is blank, then this information will be arranged later with the professor. You are responsible for contacting the professor prior to or on the first class day. If the professor is listed as staff, then you should contact the department chairperson.

Off Campus Building Codes

 BEL   BISD   SPAR   Belton Sparta Elementary School 
 BEL  BISD  LKWD   Belton Lakewood Elementary School 
 KIL  KISD  CLCRE   Killeen Clear Creek Elementary School 
 SCH   SCH    Local Independent School District
 TEM  TISD  BETH  Temple Bethune Elementary School
 TEM  TISD  MDCEL  Temple Meredith Dunbar Comet Elementary School 
 TRIP       Trip or study abroad
 WACO   BAY  ROTC  Aerospace Studies ROTC Building, Baylor Univ.



For more information on Aerospace Studies, contact Maj. John Blackwell at (254) 710-3513 or
Students enrolled in student teaching courses must contact the College of Education office at (254) 295-4572 for location and information about the school to which they have been assigned.



 BEL   Belton (Bell Baptist Assoc.) 
 CDPK   Cedar Park
 RRK  Round Rock



For more information on the Certificate of Ministry program, contact College of Christian Studies at (254) 295-5075.



Office of the Registrar
Address: 900 College Street, UMHB Station Box 8425, Belton, TX 76513
Phone: (254) 295-4510